Historic, Traditional, Original Music


About Us

Our Story


Rick and Hillary met in December of 1995 playing a Christmas show with our then current duos. We enjoyed the experience so much we got married and just kept playing together and have been playing for 24 years now! 

The Original Music


Here's Rick trying to write songs with our artistic director, Luna! She's 7 months old now and really loves music! Rick and I write our own fiddle tunes and songs. We love to do our original music (as well as our old favorites-singer song writer, American, Irish, and other international traditional fiddle tunes and songs) at bookstores, coffeeshops and coffeehouses, house concerts, and other intimate, small venue spaces. Please write and see if our music would fit your space! 

The Historic Music


We perform a wide variety of music. We are probably best known for our historical music. We play a lot of music from the 18th century for places like Townsend's YouTube channel for cooking in the 18th Century and historic videos on life during that time, to events like The Feast of the Hunter's Moon, Mississinewa 1812, 5 Medals and others. We always enjoy finding new places so drop us a line and see if our music would enhance your event! We perform from the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War eras. If you are looking for music for a ball we enjoy playing but we do not travel with a caller, you'll need to contact your own or we could recommend. 

The Instruments

Hillary plays violin and viola, hardanger fiddle, tenor and 5 string banjo, tenor guitar, flute and Irish flute, and sings

Rick plays bouzouki, hurdy gurdy, dadgad and standard tuned guitar, anglo concertina, fiddle, and sings

Rick and Hillary are seasoned professionals who connect your visitors of today to a time gone by for your historic event, bring an exciting and informative show to your library, give your reception/dinner/party/house concert spice, add more color and joy to your wedding. Drop us a line and see what live music can do for your event!